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O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy is the man who trusts in Him. Psalm 34:8

Recipe Recommendations

One-Bowl Brownies Recipe

Here's a wonderful recipe for brownies given to me by the Brownie Queen of Slovakia, Linda Shattuck. (I bet you didn't know Slovakia had a Brownie Queen!) A quick and easy dessert--and it only dirties one bowl!

Chocolate Irish Coffee Mousse for Two

This easy but elegant dessert is perfect for a special dinner for "just you two". No oven needed--just whip it up in no time!

Italian Biscotti Recipe

In Italy all cookies are called "biscotti" (which means baked twice) but in America the word has become synonymous with these crunchy, long cookies--chock full of nuts and often dipped in chocolate. A wonderful accompaniment to coffee or tea, they're a perfect holiday gift.



O Taste & See Some More!

Yours is still my most used cookbook to date. You can tell mine is “used”. Courtney R., Indiana

O Taste & See Some More!

When we traveled back to the U.S. for home assignment, O Taste & See Some More! was one of the few cookbooks I took with me. We attended a training conference with other missionaries preparing to go overseas long term.  I just had to tell all of them about your cookbook! I think it should be included in the resource packets for all people going overseas. Kari F., Germany

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