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O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy is the man who trusts in Him. Psalm 34:8

Recipe Recommendations

World-Famous Pancake Recipe

Homemade pancakes require few ingredients and very little effort. Why would anyone want pancake mix?

Flour Tortillas Recipe

Homemade flour tortillas are inexpensive to make--and they use everyday ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen. I think you'll agree that they have a much better flavor than store-bought tortillas. Use them for Tacos and Fajitas.

Making Your Own Refried Beans

I like mixing some refried beans into my taco meat because it extends the meat mixture, lowers the cost, and also adds important fiber to the meal. If you want, it's easy to double or triple the recipe.



A Taste of Italy

“I loved not having to worry about “how to” and “where to” when visiting Torino. Your knowledge was appreciated!” A British Taste of Italy participant

Around Our Table

I would say that the biggest hit was the oven roasted carrots. My guests asked if I had put sugar on them they were so sweet and tasty. They are so easy to make. I will definitely be making them again. Loved the new and different way to prepare mashed potatoes; they were very good. Betty K., Canada

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