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O taste and see that the Lord is good; happy is the man who trusts in Him. Psalm 34:8

Recipe Recommendations

Sweet Potato Ravioli with Sage Butter Recipe

The subtle flavor of sage marries well with the creamy sweet potato filling!

Bread Bowls Recipe

I had this recipe for several years before gaining the courage to attempt them but once I did, my kids requested them regularly! A bit more effort but definitely a hit with everyone who tries them! They're fun to eat and tasty too!

Fish Baked in Parchment Recipe

What a fun way to fix fish! Make a single serving, or let your guests (or your kids) choose their own combination of veggies and herbs for a creative dinner. And clean-up is easy--just throw out the parchment!



O Taste & See Some More!

We had a retreat here for one of our teams and you saved my life!!  I only did dinners (for 24) for three days, but almost every meal was one of yours! I was praising the Lord for you all week! Jean M., Morocco

A Taste of Italy

“This has been one of my favorite European experiences.” An American living in Geneva

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